Friday, January 11, 2013


Today's adventure was just WalMart and a lot of TV. Though, to be fair, more than an hour of TV counts as a lot to me. I basically only watch three shows right now, and two of them are on hiatus.
Southern California is currently being hit in the face by a cold snap, so I'm thinking that I won't be going out in to the world tomorrow. Of course, there's no telling, but that's irrelevant, or something.
30x30 Items:
Sweater: thrifted | Dress: WalMart
Other stuff:
Tights: WalMart | Flats (not pictured (sorry)): Payless
Also, today's music task is a song that I know all the words to. There are a handful, but I recently discovered that I somehow learned all the words to Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah," which I am completely okay with.


  1. Oooh, what are the three shows you watch then?

    Love your tights, you have such a nice collection of colourful tights. :)

    1. Elementary, Sherlock, and Doctor Who. Apparently, I have a thing for all things Sherlock Holmes and time-traveling aliens saving everything all the time. Haha.
      And thanks! I only have two pairs of colored tights, but it works, I guess!

    2. Haven't starting watching Elementary yet, but I love Sherlock so I should get on that really. Doctor Who.... I have a deep love/hate relationship with that show. I just think 11's run has been rubbish so far. Hope the next season will be a return to form.

    3. Sherlock is one of my favorite shows. I just love Benedict and Martin so much, and everyone else. That's one of those shows I'm weirdly invested in. Haha.
      Eleven is kind of my favorite Doctor, actually. Haha. Most of it is that I think Matt is a fantastic actor, and I like his face, but I also love his character in general. I'm not ready for him to go! Haha.