Monday, July 16, 2012

ACIDIC at the Troubadour

I promised you show pictures, and you shall get show pictures. These were taken by Casey. Unfortunately, I was only able to get photos of ACIDIC, but that's just because someone still has yet to send me pictures.
You know, I really ought to go to shows in limos more often, especially for these guys. And, for the record, the best thing to do in a limo is to drink Sprite out of a champagne flute and pretend that you're so much cooler than you really are. Although, come to think of it, I'm already terrifically cool...
Anyway, enjoy some pictures!

Mike: guitar. Generally rad person.

Matt: drums. Also generally rad person.

Mikes, Mikes everywhere!

Goss Boss. Once again, rad person.

Ted: bassist. Also rad. Very busy 

Goss Boss and the Gorgeous Guitar.
I highly suggest checking out ACIDIC, Thatwasthen, and Albert Garrett & The Bad Romantics. Seriously. It's good for your soul.
Also of note: I got my learner's permit today. I can legally drive now, sort of. Now all the lovely people in my life can just hush and let me hold onto the permit while I continue to take the bus, cause that's how I roll. No pun intended.
Finally: I'm going on an adventure soon. By soon, I mean that I'm leaving tomorrow and coming home on the 26th. Expect so many pictures when I get back. And because I know you're dying of curiosity, I'm going to Yellowstone and Park City, UT with Casey and my aunt, and suffice it to say that I am SO. EXCITED.
See you then!

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