Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Daze

I'll start off with tonight's outfit, because that's how I roll. I just wore this for Chinese with Casey and my mom. Also, buying more nail polish and lipstick, neither of which I lack. Oh, well, it was cheap.
Top: Ralph Lauren/given by my mom | Skirt: Fashion Bug | Bag: Ross | Shoes: Payless

Now, to cover two days, where we didn't do much but took a lot of pictures regardless.

Casey came over yesterday, and we devoted that time to playing with Charlie, chilling at the pool, and drinking Arnold Palmers. Also, we baked cookie pops. They didn't get photographed, but they were delicious.

Just a lot of sunshine.

Party at the playground! Well, not really.

Today was basically the same, minus the Iron Man (which we watched twice, due to poor planning). Kitten time, pool time, and Fantasia. I may or may not have fallen asleep while at the pool. Not in the pool, luckily. It was a nice day, all right?

Tilly's sunglasses, Arnold Palmer (with pink lemonade), Payless 

And finally, what I deal with nightly: a kitty with a vendetta against technology. He's lucky he's adorable.
Also, please ignore the weird highlighting, mmkay?

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