Sunday, July 15, 2012

En Route

Since I'm (still) waiting for the pictures Casey took on Thursday night, I'll give you guys a little post with the few pictures that I took.
Casey runs a promotion company, and I help. Well, when I say help, I mean that I make a few posts when she doesn't. Yeah. Anyway, through this company, she became fast friends with a band called Acidic, and the members themselves. Long story short, they're all friends, and they basically got her a limo to go to their big show at the Troubadour.
We got a few others to go, we piled in, and we partied like rock stars, man. Down to the Sprite in champagne flutes. Down to discussing Doctor Who with fellow passengers. Down to having pretzels, because you always get really hungry after a show.
Also relevant to the story: we had a while to wait before we could even go in, and (little did we know), the Troubadour is directly across the street from the Beverly Hills city limit. We had some touristy moments, we found Acidic stickers on the crosswalk buttons, and we enjoyed being in two places at once. Cool kids, I know. You'd think that none of us had ever even been to California before, never mind the fact that we all sort of live here. Yeah.

Dress: made by my mom | Bag: MulberryXTarget |Shoes: Payless 
Bangle: Claire's

So there was a giant pewter butt outside the venue...
More when I get more pictures, I promise!

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