Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day One: It Begins

So, as I told you, I went off on an adventure. I drove up to Yellowstone with Casey and my aunt. And since it was such a long trip, with so many pictures, I decided to drag it out and make a post a day. Yeah, buddy.
On the first day (Tuesday), we headed out. We got the car packed valiantly and headed off. We drove through a good chunk of California, Nevada, Arizona, and stopped in Utah. Provo, Utah, home of the sad Mexican food. Really, we should have figured that Utah wouldn't have California-approved Mexican food. Hopefully I'll get some tonight, though!
Also in Provo, Utah: our hotel. It was really nice, complete with a fitness room (abused my Casey and myself) and an indoor pool. I love pools, indoor and otherwise.

More Arizona...

Virgin margaritas, like all the cool kids do.
Mine tasted like chili tamarind candy.
It was supposed to be kiwi.

This is how we do.

Oh, Marriott, you know us so well!
So, by the end of this day, I could honestly say that I'd been to Vegas! Well, in Vegas.
Okay, through Vegas. Whatever.
More tomorrow!

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