Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day Four: Equine Adventures

I don't have pictures of our horseback ride right now, but you will see them when I have them! We weren't allowed to have anything (anything!) on the horses. No water, no cameras, no cell phones, nothin'. It's all good, though. But I'm starting the story early!
We got up late (blissfully so) and so we just did normal morning things that you do when you camp. We headed out eventually and got lunch at a fairly nice restaurant. I discovered that bison burgers are delicious. Like, obscenely so.
Later, we checked out Yellowstone's Grand Canyon. That place is photoshopped too. I swear it, I really do.
We might have temporarily misplaced my aunt for a little while and we might have missed the first appointment for the horses, but it was all good. We went to the corral, explained the situation, and mounted half an hour later. I'm terrible at mounting, but not too bad at the actual riding. It helps that my horse (Dandy) knew where we were going. He was determined to graze on every green thing beside the path, though, like a punk. Casey's horse (Sage) wasn't quite so bad. He was sneaky, actually. He'd dip is head down and grab a mouthful of grass on the way up.
The trail was gorgeous, of course. It's in Yellowstone, everything is gorgeous. That's how it works. That's how Yellowstone rolls. We also saw a moose-ette while on the trail, but we later decided that it didn't count because, as you may well know, "pics or it didn't happen."
We had dinner by Yellowstone River. That was great. We set up our chairs on the bank and just chilled. That does have photographic evidence! Casey and I waded in the river a bit (squelched is a better phrase), which was cold. Very cold. SUPER cold.
And rad.
Later, since everyone was disappointed that the moose incident didn't count, we went on a moose hunt. We drove around for the better part of an hour, and found nothing. Zip. Nada. Zilch. It was like all the animals had the night off, I swear.
After the lack of success and a short walk to the lake, we got ice cream, had a fire, and did some stargazing. That's another thing that Yellowstone is wonderful at: night skies. It's absurd how many stars there were!

We disturbed things. I may or may not have felt bad...

This lake did not help us on our moose hunt.
As a quick update: the other day, I had good Mexican food. FINALLY. It was magical. And yesterday, I chilled with Erika. There was merriment to be had.

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