Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day Two: Oh, Idaho!

It goes on.
We left the hotel bright and early and drove through Idaho. I met up with an old friend from high school, which was really nice. I haven't seen him since graduation, basically. Anyway, after the socialization, we left. Casey and I played our roles (tourists) wonderfully and bought cheesy things from a gas station. We also took the time to take pictures. Oh, yeah.
After a small roadblock (literally) in Montana, though, we finally made it to Yellowstone! Within the first mile of the park, we saw some elk grazing. Being tourists, we stopped and took pictures before continuing to our campsite. Basically, in one day, though, we went through the rest of Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. That effectively knocks several states off my to-do list.
We got the tent up in less than ten minutes (Casey and I were both Girl Scouts, once upon a time) and went to this place, the Lake Lodge (I think) for dinner. There, I discovered that I'm basically going to be addicted to huckleberry stuff for the rest of my life.
Also, we saw a bison.
Also, I bought a bison. His name is Jerry.
Also, I counted this day as a success.

Casey taking a picture of her bear (Bear) in Idaho. He was sort of 
her traveling gnome.

Idaho rest stop, like a cool kid.

Put 'em up!

We got very familiar with the back of this truck.

I'm pretty sure Yellowstone is photoshopped...



It got really cloudy really quickly, but it's okay.

The original Jerry the Bison.

And on we go! Tomorrow.

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