Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Recap

Well, I've done a bit of a personal recap already (which may or may not have been published already, we'll all find out shortly), but I thought I'd do a recap from a more stylistic point of view. Because I can, so there.
And also, so many of my favourite blogs are doing it, so why not hop onto the bandwagon? It's great fun up here, I can tell you.
In no particular order, ten outfits of mine that I really liked. And also, an evolution of mess in my room. Whoops. (I regret nothing.)
The beginnings of my Best Skirt Ever.

Another fantastic iteration (if I do say so 
myself) (I do).

Sweaters over dresses are some of my new favourite things. 

All the individual pieces of all my favourite 
outfits, together at last!

You know when you have a look in your head and then it turns 
out just the way you'd hoped when you finally wear it? Yeah.

So this year (the end of it in particularly) has seen me in coloured tights, dresses, sweaters, and those fantastic Forever 21 boots that refuse to stay away from my feet. All in all, I'm pretty happy. 
Now, let's make sure 2013 is even better, kay?