Saturday, December 29, 2012


I completely forgot to take pictures of my outfit on Wednesday. Oops. Hopefully, this will suffice.
I went to Casey's on Wednesday. We exchanged gifts (the necklace she got me is too fantastic), watched Fellowship of the Ring, and gorged ourselves on sweets. All in all, the makings of an excellent day.
And, for the record, I think she's over the moon about my sudden decision to get into Lord of the Rings. Anything to make the people in my life happy with my life choices.
30x30 Items:
Dress: mom
Other stuff:
Bag: Nine West | Shoes: Payless
I'm not sure if I've shown you guys the back of this dress. I designed it, and my mom sewed it, complete with fantastic triangle cutout.
I swear, I wear this more often than anyone ever should. It's absurdly comfortable and somehow makes me look like I'm going to a tea party. I like all of that, I really do. Also, the cutout.


  1. I am in awe of people who can make clothes, your mum is awesome. Love the dress, especially the cut out on the back. :)

    1. Oh, man, me too. I'm mediocre (at best) at sewing, and I just don't like it. My mom is fantastic, and she can make something like this that was just a drawing. It's impressive.
      But, I'd like it on the record that I CAN sew. In fact, I once made a matching skirt, kerchief, and scrunchie. I was seven and it was this awful, obnoxiously colourful cat print that will haunt me forever.