Monday, December 3, 2012


I got dressed for approximately fifteen minutes. Essentially, it was long enough for me to look at the Christmas lights with my nephew looking on approvingly. I don't even know.
All I do know is that this counts as day three, because there are clothes on me, and they are all part of the list. So it works.
My room is still messy, and I feel like it will continue to be this way until the semester ends. Just seven days left. Seven. I can do this, man!
30x30 Items:
Sweater: thrifted | Skirt: Fashion Bug
Other stuff:
Flats: Payless


  1. Of course it counts, duh. And you look adorable, so there. It's settled. Btw, are you doing the B/W 30x30, too? ;)

    1. Well, if you say so, it must be true. Haha.
      And no. Despite all evidence to the contrary, I'm not doing the B/W variation. I actually do have some colourful pieces on my list!

  2. Good luck on the last seven days of the semester! I know how it feels. Just started my exam period of this semester.

    1. Thanks! Luckily, my finals don't start until next Wednesday, so I have a bit of time before the madness descends. Haha.