Sunday, December 2, 2012


Sorry I didn't get this up till the 2nd, though to be fair, it's only just past midnight. So, in my eyes, it works.
I know. Full of excuses.
So, today/yesterday was also sort of the start of the holiday season. Casey came over and we basically spent the day baking, decorating my house, watching Christmas specials, taking my niece and nephews to the playground, and wandering WalMart. There was a minor camera-related accident in WalMart, but luckily, it didn't end too badly. So hooray for that.
Also, I bought  more books. Luckily, I do, in fact, physically have room on my bookshelf.
Anyway, without further ado: my first outfit for this 30x30. I hope that little summary of my day worked as fanfare, I really do.

I like swings, okay?

Casey and a nephew, living sloth dreams.
Nothing says helpful like being a Christmas tree!

It's just one of those nights.

Not my most flattering look, but I like it. Besides, 
cute trumps flattering.
Also, tortillas.
30x30 Things:
Top: Target | Skirt (worn as dress): gift from mom
And everything else...:
Necklace and belt: Fashion Bug | Bag: MulberryxTarget | Tights: WalMart | Boots: Forever | Jacket: Forever 21
(if you haven't yet, go pay a visit to Dani and Jess and see what they've cooked up!)