Monday, December 10, 2012

Lust List: Christmas Wishlist

I am a creature of wishlists and procrastination. So, instead of working on my portfolio for drawing (still no idea which pieces I'm putting in) or speaking to myself in Italian, I did this.
I regret nothing.
Because this is a list of things I'd actually really love to open on Christmas day, it includes an absurd box of Rembrandt soft pastels (I assure you all, I don't really need the $1000+ box of 255, it's just pretty, okay?) and some books that I really can't fit on my bookshelf. Also, clothes, shoes, and a bag. I am nothing if not predictable.

  1. No One is Here Except All of Us by Ramona Ausubel from Barnes & Noble — $26
  2. A Working Theory of Love by Scott Hutchins from Barnes & Noble — $14.10
  3. A Million Heavens by John Brandon from Barnes & Noble — $16.22
  4. Dolly Skater Dress from ASOS Curve — $79.16
  5. Rembrandt Soft Pastel sets from BLICK Art — $21.15 (and way, way upward)
  6. Studded Toe Ankle Boots from Lulu's — $129
  7. Bow Belt from ASOS Curve — $14.07
  8. Rabbit Bowler Bag from ASOS — $61.57
  9. Studded Oxfords from Lulu's — $29
  10. Collared Floral Dress from eShakti — $52.95
  11. Butterfly Sweetheart Dress from eShakti — $56.95
  12. Ducks in a Row Dress from eShakti — $47.95


  1. Oooooh, great Christmas list! :D Now I wanna make one, lol. My boyfriend's dad has me for our Secret Santa and I'm sure a wishlist would be totes helpful. Not that he reads my blog because that'd be creepy. Oh well, still gonna make one anyway, haha! ;D

    1. It's just fun! All the people giving me gifts already know what I want, mostly because I am just that easy to shop for, so this was almost solely an exercise in procrastination. Haha.

  2. Oooh, love the eShakti dresses, especially the ducks in a row one. That's adorable. :)

    1. Seconded! It's no secret that I've developed an unhealthy love, but the ducks sort of clinched it. Haha.