Sunday, December 23, 2012


This is what I wear when I brave the Christmas Eve Eve (I felt like Phoebe, and it felt good) masses of WalMart.
It's also what I wear when I try to get my cat to come out of a tree because, no, you are not going to catch that bird, you're not as stealthy as you seem to think you are.

30x30 Items:
Sweater: thrifted | Skirt: mom
Other stuff:
Bag: Target | Tights: WalMart | Boots: Payless | Sunglasses: Tilly's
(Go pay Dani and Jess a visit for their 30x30 looks.)


  1. Those tights! That bag! Those sunnies! Love it all, for realsies. Also, dunno if it was intentional, but you're kinda channeling Warhol in these pics. In the best possible way of course (from one artist to another and such). Especially the second pic, it reminds me of this:

    1. The thing that sucks about the tights is that they run like nothing else. This is maybe my second pair from that brand, and same thing. It might be a sign that I ought to invest in better quality dotted tights. Haha.
      And I know! I think I have about four pairs of heart-shaped sunglasses. But sunglasses in general are my everything.
      Finally: unintentional, but brilliant! I might just show everyone in the world a side-by-side comparison and use it as further proof of how great I am. Hahaha.

  2. Love those tights! Great sunnies too. :)