Thursday, December 6, 2012


Today, you guys get a bit of a two-for-one. My outfit pulled double duty, as it had to carry me though school and a tea party. I forgot my camera for the tea (sorry!) but at least I got a shot of my outfit. Hopefully that makes up for it.
Quick story about my day, though. Not that it's interesting. I just like sharing, guys. I feel like we're friends.
After finishing the big class art project (we each created a tile then put it together, like a giant Picasso puzzle), we got out of drawing at one rather than 2:30. Most of my art group went over to Starbucks for lunch, pet stories, and discussions on our favourite Disney movies. After dropping another member of our group off at her class, the three of us sat in K's car for a solid half hour playing music on our iPods and rocking out. Then, K went home, leaving me and J to watch videos (I love introducing people to Sherlock (guys, it's on Netflix (so is Doctor Who))) for another forty-five minutes.
There is a reason why drawing is my favourite class, and it is that group.
Eventually, I made it back into town. My mom picked me up, we picked Casey up, and we all picked up some cat food. I did some magic and my outfit went from comfy to mostly-tea-appropriate.
The tea was a lot of fun. My aunt and one of her friends were hostesses (among nearly a hundred others, I'm not sure how many tables/groups there were), and the food was delicious. I gorged myself on tea, if that's possible. Not likely. There was singing (which Casey and I totally knocked out of the park), a story, and a raffle. The raffle was totally rigged, I swear.
But then, I always say it.
And then I came home and made this post.
Next on the agenda: watch a movie and then go to sleep.

30x30 Items:
Sweater: Thrifted | Dress: eShakti
Other stuff:
Collar: DIY | Tights: WalMart | Boots: Forever | Bow: BOOLVD

I'll post the original once I find it. Promise.

They gave us name-tags in case we forgot our names. Very 
thoughtful as that does happen.

Our little gifts! I named mine Sergio.
Other stuff:
Fascinator: made by mom | Necklace: Fashion Bug | Bracelets, cuff: vintage | Wedges: Ross | Clutch: gift from Erika

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