Monday, May 20, 2013

Back in the Day

Guess what: it's Marvelous Monday! If you're new, go here and learn more.
This week's theme: inspired by a childhood picture!
I'm a nostalgic person, and I take pictures of everything. I also occasionally put those things into scrapbooks, but that mild obsession mostly died out in middle school. Now I use one of those Smash books, and it's slowly filling with fortunes, movie tickets, and random little notes. One of these days, though, I'll add photos.
Anyway, I'm pretty sure nostalgia is genetic, as there are so many pictures of me back when I was a kid. My first eight years or so are very well documented. It was no trouble finding a picture, but it was a bit troublesome to find an outfit to base around it.
The outfit works, and in the picture, I'm eating cake. It was my birthday party, though I don't remember which. Regardless, I don't have cake now, and I really prefer cheesecake, so I've posed myself doing something I did all through childhood, something that I still do now.
Yup. I was that dorky little kid spinning around in circles for way too long, reading while walking, and pretending I was Sailor Moon. Now, I still walk around with my nose in a book, but I've given up on spinning for days and playing pretend. You have to make room for things when you grow up, like watching Doctor Who and continually craving pupusas.
The inspiration. I'm so charming.

Dress: Forever 21 | Tights: WalMart | Shoes: Payless | Collar: DIY | Rope bracelets: Claire's | Bead bracelet: gift
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  1. How cute is that picture of you as a little kid! I think you did a great job of recreating the look, i think your theme this week is super cute! :)


    1. Thanks! This has definitely been one of the most fun thus far. :)

  2. Aw, you were an adorable kid and now you're an adorable adult! Love your interpretation of the picture, you're spot on. That collar is really cute as are your white tights, something I've been looking for ages.

    1. Thanks! It was a really fun idea.
      And I've only worn them once before, as part of a Halloween costume. Haha.