Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lust List: Top Half

Now that I've gotten some awesome jeans, I need more awesome tops to pair with said awesome jeans. At least, that's my logic. I'm really feeling obnoxious colours, things that look like cheesy Hawaiian shirts but aren't, cool prints, and details that'll look good with everything. So now, when I go shopping for Sedona, I'm hunting for cool tops and adventure shoes.
Seriously, though, these jeans are going to go through so much. Nearly as much as my favourite moccasins. I look forward to it.

  1. Top with flocked spots from ASOS Curve—$41.56
  2. Stacked collar top from Forever 21—$22.80
  3. Palm print tank top from Lane Bryant—$35.95
  4. Tee-shirt with fox print from ASOS Curve—$26.60
  5. Pow print tank top from ASOS Curve—$29.93
  6. Hibiscus dolman top from Lane Bryant—$34.95
  7. Tie-dye trapeze top from Forever 21—$14.80
  8. Delighted By You top from Ruche—$28.99
  9. Longline top from Evans—$45
  10. Oui striped sweatshirt from Evans—$49.50

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