Sunday, May 5, 2013


So I'm assuming we've all heard about Gabi Fresh's collaboration with Swimsuits for All. I'm also assuming we're all drooling over the fabulously cut fatkinis coming out on the 15th.
I love myself a fatkini, I really do. I think that they look just as good as onepieces, if not better. I just don't know if I'm brave enough for one. I still have issues with body acceptance on my own, and while I'm generally pretty willing to shell out over $75 on a bathing suit that actually fits, I'm not sure if I'm willing to do that with something I might be too terrified to actually wear.
I've gone through more boring black onepiece suits over the years than anyone ever should. I used to wear tee-shirts and shorts over them, too. Then, a couple years ago, I bought a new black suit from WalMart that fit poorly around the bust and just wore crazy bright boardshorts with it. Short ones, too. That felt good. Then, the following year, I bought a bathing suit I really liked; it was still black, but with these fabulous mesh details that made me feel amazing. And it was from WalMart, no less!
Last year, I got my first two-piece in well over a decade from Torrid, and it fit beautifully and I looked great, and my brother accidentally threw it out a few months back. He threw out that one, my suit with the mesh, and those swimshorts. My heart broke.
Anyway, now I'm on the hunt for a new suit, and I'm trying to convince myself that a fatkini is not a bad idea. I might have a bit more of a belly than the girl in this picture, but why on earth should that stop me?
I'm looking to my friends for succour and any bravery that they can pass on. I like my body, so why should baring a few inches of midriff be so scary?


  1. On one hand I like these, I really do. But on the other hand, I will be unsurprised but disappointed when this line rolls out and chances are I'll be sized out in terms of tops. A lot of people consider me plus size, and yet...I do not have the bust of a plus size person. And I hate to say it but the pictures of the line (while beautiful) don't instill a lot of faith in me that the tops will fit.


    That's a lot different than finding the confidence to wear a bikini! I love bikinis--for the longest time I felt like I was stuck wearing one pieces because I'm fat and shouldn't subject my fellow man to such a sight, but when I stopped giving a shit about what other people thought and finally went for bikinis, I found that they actually fit a lot better. My torso is very long, and long size swimsuits are expensive, yo, so one piece bathing suits actually hurt to wear. So the bikini, despite being more revealing, were actually a lot better for my shoulders and neck! And they're a lot more comfortable. Honestly, no one looks at anyone else in a bathing suit, because they're all too worried about how they look themselves. I promise. So do it!

    1. Beautifully put. I actually feel a bit bad that I bought a one piece this year, BUT it's really, really cute. Like, really cute. Polka-dots and colour and cheapness trumped style, even though it's a great style.
      But honestly, I really loved your comment, and if I'm lucky enough to buy another swimsuit, I will definitely go for a bikini.
      And the line is actually fairly limited, in terms of size. I think it's running from 10-26, whereas the rest of the site offers stuff in a much broader range. But maybe they're testing the waters to see how it works out? I'm not sure.

  2. Yeah I saw the collaboration with Gabifresh, I think she looks great in it and i love the style of it. But I know for sure i could not afford that suit. But I feel yah on the black suit because that is the only kind of bathing suit that i own and I am the kind of person that will wear a tank and shorts on top of my suit. I'm still gaining enough confidence to just wear a suit without cover ups. But honestly you had a two piece already and I think if you find one that you are comfortable and confident in why not wear it. I know you didn't get a two piece i saw your post above and I have to say that is a super cute bathing suit. Maybe I'll have confidence to step out of the black suits i always wear and get something like that as a first step. :)


    1. It was a great tankini from Torrid, and I am mourning its loss quite bitterly. Haha.
      And I guess, yeah, it's a baby steps sort of thing! All of my previous suits have been strategically chosen to make me forgettable, or something like that.
      WalMart has some cute suits, though not in my size (as ever). I'd definitely recommend looking their way, and at Target, and Old Navy. There are cheap suits all over the place if you look!