Friday, May 10, 2013

Just Keep Swimming

I've already shared my own mild swimsuit debacle this summer, and it's ended quite nicely. Will, it will have done so once it gets here, but that's beside the point.
Anyway, I was talking to the lovely Malene, who lives in Denmark and has had some trouble finding swimsuits that actually ship to her country. She expressed a preference for bikinis, but I also threw in a couple of suits that are obnoxiously cute (not gonna lie: one of them is on its way to me).
Erika's been on the hunt as well, so I decided to help her. And, yes, there actually is a straight-up straight size guide up in here. Everyone deserves adorable swimsuits, not just fatshionistas! She has a soft spot for fringe and monokinis, so I was like, let's find you stuff, and this happened.
Finally, I've included some swimsuits that I just really like because I could.
ASOS, Evans, and Modcloth all ship to Denmark, and I know that for a fact. I did some research. These prices are all in USD. I hope you'll find these to be acceptable, Malene! And, actually, Evans has a great black bikini top (like the one above, but without the print) that I think would look stellar with the ASOS bottoms!

  1. Longline bikini top from ASOS Curve—$30.55
  2. High-waisted bikini bottom from ASOS Curve—$23.76
  3. Monochrome printed bikini top from Evans—$27
  4. Monochrome printed bikini bottom from Evans—$25
  5. Polka-dot halter one piece from Evans—$57
  6. Float an Idea one piece from Modcloth—$111.99
  7. Beach Blanket Bingo bikini from Modcloth—$89.99
  1. Chloe one piece from ASOS—$466.68
  2. Jazz Club fringed one piece from ASOS—$203.64
  3. Cutwork detail one piece from ASOS—$50.91
  4. Marble print bikini from ASOS—(top: $27.15 | bottom: $20.36)
  5. Gingham one piece with bow from Ruche—$74.99
  6. Malibu one piece with fringe from Lulu's—$75
  7. Floral high-waisted bikini from Ruche—$78.50
  1. Mesh one-shoulder one piece from Swimsuitsforall—$98
  2. Polka-dot halter bikini from Swimsuitsforall—$68
  3. Sao Paulo bikini top (in turquoise multi) from Monif C.—$95
  4. Sao Paulo bikini bottoms (in turquoise multi) from Monif C.—$80
  5. Coupe of Tea one piece from Modcloth—$89.99
  6. Bathing Beauty one piece (in Needlepoint) from Modcloth—$89.99
  7. Striped halter bikini top from Torrid—$44.50
  8. Side cinch shorts from Torrid—$36.50 (I had these last summer, and they were amazing.)


  1. I love the striped bikini top from Torrid! The shape and length are so good.

    1. I think there's something kind of sweet and sailor-y about it that I love.

  2. You're the best! Thank you so much. I'll have a look at it and keep my fingers crossed that I can afford these. But you got my mind running for sure! I'm inspired and you're so sweet. :D And cool. And I also love the swimsuit you bought from Evans. I wish I lived in a country that would allow me to go to the beach often... I don't. :(

    1. Hopefully you find something great! Bathing suits are disturbingly expensive, but good ones sort of last forever (unless your brother throws them out, and I'm still so sad). Of course, good doesn't necessarily mean expensive, so I'm hoping you come across something cheap and wonderful.
      And you're welcome! Good luck, and hopefully you'll find lots of excellent opportunities for lounging around in your swimsuit. And swimming, and whatnot. :)

  3. Oh I'm loving the one shoulder one with the mesh because it shows skin but not really because of the mesh. But that is pretty much me being boring me because I would be to scared to wear any of the other ones. But I am really liking the Monif C. two piece, but too bad none of them are my price range. But I think you found some great swim suits! :)


    1. Prior to the Torrid swimsuit from last summer, every bathing suit I've ever gotten had come from WalMart and was about twenty bucks. They lasted forever, but they were dull and plain black and honestly so unlovely. My bathing suit this year was a MAJOR splurge at $57, actually.
      Everything wonderful is expensive, and it's rough.
      But no, you should totally go for something fun if you could manage it. Let's all be courageous and awesome this summer! :)