Saturday, May 18, 2013


My bathing suit came today! It fits perfectly, except the bust is aggressively too big, like everything usually is. Luckily, my mom can take that in, so then it will be perfect.
I'll have photos once that's happened!


  1. Can't wait, can't wait! I love that swimsuit. I guess your kind of lucky that it's too big - even though I can imagine it to be as anoying as it being too small. I'm so nervous eveytime I buy something, that it'll be too small.

    1. Well, it's really annoying because anything that fits my body will be too large in the bust, and anything that properly fits around the bust will be just a bit too small everywhere else. But it's annoying either way, whether it's too big or too small! Woe is us! Haha.