Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ye Olde Everything

Posting a picture in my flower crown yesterday reminded me that I didn't give you pictures from the Renaissance Faire!
I should be more sorry about that, shouldn't I?
So, flower crowns through the ages Ren Faire photos!
Aww, my first Ren Faire. Also, a barbarian.

I am so going to be a pirate next time. Or River Song. Either works.

I don't know who the waving guy is, but I like his cheeriness.

Guys, that's the queen.

It took some maneuvering to get an angle where you could 
actually see his face under all that hat.

Compare the 2013 photos to this one and
Oh, and as I'm sure you've noticed, I've done a bit of messing around with my layout. Thoughts? Feelings? Opinions? Nada?


  1. Loving the new blog layout. Ren faires look so fun! Never been to one myself, but I am voting that you go as River Song next time. :)

    1. Thank you!
      And yeah, the one here has a time traveler's weekend, and I was so pleased to see some Doctors (only Ten and Eleven, though, no one seems to like Nine enough, which is just silly) and a Jack Harkness. There were a lot of people doing steampunk, too, which was pretty cool.

  2. My friends went to the Renaissance fair last week, I really wanted to go with them but I had other plans. I really hope to be able to go before it's over. I love the flower crown! :) And your layout looks great, I like the new blue background and the new banner!


    1. You have a little over a week, luckily. Haha. It was a lot of fun, and there were some great acts performing!
      Thanks! I'm actually quite pleased with how the banner turned out, considering how simple it is. :)

  3. These are awesome I've always wanted to go to the Renaissance Faire, I'm going to definitly try and make it happen no :)


    1. Highly recommend it. It's fun, even if you don't dress up (but that's, like, three quarters of the fun)!