Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Pretties

Just a couple of minutes ago, I went and bought my first pair of jeans in years. I need some adventure gear, and I finally found cool jeans that I like that look good on me. I almost bought them (different print, same style) a few months ago, but they were way too expensive, even on clearance.
Guess who got these bad boys for thirty bucks, including shipping?
Go on, guess.
I haven't been this excited since I ordered a skirt with pom-poms on it.
But seriously, I love this fit. As someone who loves her ankles way too much, they're stinking perfect and now they're mine! 
They're almost too pretty to subject to adventures.
(Also, Torrid's having a major sale on clearance, so pretend you're me and go buy some stuff. They don't know I'm encouraging you, but I promise they'd be cool with it.)


  1. I'm posthasting straight to Torrid on this advice. You better be telling the truth girl! We must not talk lightly about Torrid sales.

    1. I call myself a penny-pincher. My mom calls me a miser. Whichever I am (the former, always the former), you can believe me when I say there are sales going on, yo.