Thursday, August 30, 2012


Also known as the big, friendly giant.
Also known as me in heels.

Skirt: Fashion Bug | Tee: Fashion Bug | Babushka necklace: Forever 21 | Heels: Forever 21
Since I was determined to wear these fabulous shoes to school today, I went for an obscenely simple outfit. All black, of course. I love that the print reminds me (vaguely) of that one Miu Miu collection, the one that still haunts my dreams. You know the one—the one with the daisy, cat, and sea gull prints.
Anyway, I realized that this was not the day to wear them for the first time. I need to be able to handle them a bit better if I'm going to be hustling to catch public transit. I ended up wearing flip-flops instead. But don't worry, heels, I'm coming for you.

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