Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Big Adventures

So, another adventure today. I like this. Erika and I decided to end the summer with something awesome. Hiking at Devil's Punchbowl works well enough.
After she called me at six in the morning (just wrong), she picked me up around 7:45. We made lunch and ate breakfast at her house with her boyfriend, Beyrin, and headed off to pick up our friend Noel and hike through the wilderness. The Punchbowl is one of the prettiest things that the AV has to offer, really. Sheer sandstone rocks, big skies, near silence, and (if you're lucky) a creek running at the bottom.
We weren't lucky.
We did the mile-long hike and decided to go to nearby Big Rock Creek for lunch. We stayed for about half an hour, and I waded in the river a bit. I tried skipping rocks, and failed spectacularly. We soon realized that we needed a parking pass, so we left to go to Jackson Lake instead. There, we ate our lunch and played cards.
Beyrin cheated.
On the way back from the lake, though, Erika's brakes started to burn out, so we ended up waiting by the side of the road for a good half hour. I did some exploring. It's lovely out there. It's almost completely silent, and the trees provide a bit of shade, and everything smells so fresh. It's probably the best part of where I live, even if this was nearer to Wrightwood than our hometown.
When we were finally able to leave, we went to this great, hokey place called Charlie Brown Farms. If it exists, they sell it, I promise. We wandered the endless halls, found a creepy and endless (to me) room of porcelain dolls, saw an awesome fiberglass shark hanging from the ceiling (which I want (desperately)), and tried to understand all the bacon-flavored candy.
We had dinner there, which was really good, and then left. All in all, I count it a very good day. Even if Noel probably got a cold. At least I saved him from the river!

I just can't take these children anywhere. They wander off all the 
time. All. The. Time.

They are very soft, whatever they are.

Wee bit of creeping...

Fulfill all your pterodactyl needs!

I want one.

No, seriously, I want one.

Penguin butler and cucumber soda. I highly suggest that you try 
cucumber soda. Delicious.

Garlic fries!

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