Friday, August 31, 2012

Two New Dresses

I won't lie, I got these a couple of weeks ago. I'm only just now getting around to showing them to you, though. I have yet to wear them, but that'll change soon.
They're both 22/2x from eShakti, smocked in the back, and absurdly comfortable. Especially the bow-tie one.

 Can we just talk about how excellent this print is? This dress is covered in bow-ties. Not bow, but bow-ties. Nothing is cooler than this dress.
 The hem detail of the blue dress. It's still a bit wrinkled from shipping, but it's 100% cotton, so it is isn't a big deal. And I really wish these pictures could do the color justice.
 This dress fits fantastically. I think there's a bit of boning in the bodice, too, actually. It's unlined and completely cotton and just waiting to be worn.
 Guys, it has pockets.
 This dress might just be the most comfortable thing I own. It's lined, which is good, considering the light, sheer material it's made out of. It also has these little tab things in the shoulders for your bra straps. Really, why don't all sleeveless dresses have that?
Alas, no pockets.
The bodice is a little gape-y, unfortunately. It doesn't look that bad, but when I sit, it really shows more than I'd like it to. Nothing a few stitches can't fix, though. Aside from that, this dress is perfect.
I spent my own money on these. I think I spent about forty altogether. The blue one was on sale, plus I used a code to get an additional 10% off. Yeah, buddy. The second one was dirt cheap because I used a $20 gift code. You guys, eShakti gives you a $20 gift code after your first purchase. Could they be any more perfect? I think not!
I just felt like sharing my opinions on these dresses, because why not? I live to help you guys with your shopping adventures, or something like that.

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