Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wandering the High Sierras

So I've been gone a while. I went to Mammoth for a few days with my family. It was a sort-of family reunion, which was really nice. My aunt came in from Tucson, my aunt and uncle came up to join us (it was their trailer, after all), my cousins came up from San Diego, all that jazz.
On the way to Mammoth, we stopped at this restaurant, Schat's Bakery. It's a great bakery, with fantastic sandwiches. The whole place makes me think of Denmark in the 70s. It's so fabulous it hurts.
I say strange things.
We finally got there, we were thrilled. Seriously. Mammoth is this great mountain town, so all week it was about 75 or so. Vastly different from my hometown, which is stuck in the middle of the desert and averages an easy 105 all summer long. It feels like death, if death feels like an oppressively hot summer.
We had dinner at this good restaurant, Roberto's. Awesome shrimp quesadilla, awesome chili rellano, awesome lime Jarritos. Really, I could spend all day talking about how much I love lime Jarritos. Specifically lime.
My uncle arrived the next day, bearing barbecue. We all chilled for a while, just enjoying the weather and all that.
After that was a day trip to Yosemite. Third national park of the summer. My aunt kept a tally for me.
Next was my other aunt arriving, my cousins coming to the campsite, barbecued dinner, general excellence. Also of note, I drove. In traffic. To and from the grocery store. Look at me, learning new things!
And then we came home.

Thrifty's is the best.

Me and my aunt.
Tilly's sunglasses, Lane Bryant tee, Torrid shorts, thrifted shirt.


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