Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day Eight: Fear of Heights?

Casey and I spent the morning on our iPads in the living room, so that we could socialize without actually socializing. Welcome to America, or something like that.
We went to lunch at this great restaurant on Main Street, the Wasatch Brewery. They have ridiculously fantastic fish & chips.
My aunt left us to do some errands, so we took the time to explore Main Street. Casey let me into a bookstore, and I left with two new books. Le sigh. I can't complain, though, because new books always make me happy.
After exploring a few more stores, we decided to go on the chair lift. It's a roughly forty-five minute shindig, round-trip, and it's so worth it. You get amazing views of the city, and everything. Even if you're afraid of heights (and really, there is nowhere worse to realize this than on chair lift several feet off the ground).
We took the bus back to the condo, and on the walk from the stop to the front door, my aunt caught up to us. We got in the car and headed to Wal-Mart for some barbecuing essentials. After that, we got dinner at Panda Express and went to see Ted.
If you're wondering, you do need to see it. Desperately. Seth MacFarlane, you are my new favourite person.
So apparently, there are two different Bansky paintings in Park 
City. Clearly, we've only seen the one.

I call him George.

We couldn't find one for Wyoming or Utah!

Brownie ice cream at Java Cow!

So my glasses broke and I lost a lens. It was awful.

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