Friday, August 3, 2012

Lots of Planets Have a North

It's another nail tutorial! The nail art itself is easy enough, I'm just not the best at it. Yet. One day.
Regardless, here's a step-by-step adventure in nail painting.
Here's what you need:

  • Two colours of nail polish (it's best if they contrast fairly well, but you live your life!)
  • Base coat
  • Top coat (or just use clear polish for the base/top, but it's best if you have these. They're nice to have.)
  • Nail brush (a thin one is your new best friend)

Blue: I Need a Refresh-Mint (Wet n Wild)
White: French White (Ruby Kisses)

After applying the base coat, paint your nails with the base colour. It works best if you do two/three thin layers instead of one thick one. I suppose this is becoming Basic Nail Painting 101 or something! Oh, well.
Let this layer dry completely. I suggest getting wrapped up in an episode of Sherlock and then looking up after approximately an hour and realizing that your lighting has changed, so you're like, "That's cool, consistent lighting is for fools."
Paint a thin stripe in the other colour, from the base. Don't let it touch the very tip, though. Or do. It's your life.
Actually, I discovered that it works best if you paint the horizontal line across your nail first. But it doesn't matter much, like, at all.
Paint the other line.
I might have gotten lazy with photographing. Hush.
Paint the little lines on either side of the main vertical one, from the horizontal line to the end of the main one. If that makes any sense. Then, carefully (ish), paint the little right angles by the base of your nail.
Do each one and let it dry (by watching an episode of Doctor Who (my nerd is showing)) and apply a top coat.
Clean your nails up (best thing: a Q-Tip, dipped in nail polish remover, is awesome for removing the mess around the nails) and apply a top coat when everything's dry.
Revel in how cool your nails look, even if your non-dominant hand looks a bit like they were done by a drunken orangutan.
Whatever, they're rad.

Easy enough, yeah?

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