Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day Six: Teton and Disney

We had to leave Yellowstone, eventually, I guess.
Le sigh.
We drove down through the Grand Teton Park, and let me tell you, that is probably the prettiest place I'd ever seen. I am fully convinced that it's photoshopped, or that Disney is somehow behind it. Unfortunately, I only have one picture (my camera decided that that was a fabulous time to die), but hopefully I'll get Casey's soon. Just know that it's stunning. You've got these really craggy old mountains, grey and dusted with snow (in July. Really, Wyoming?), wildflowers, lush greenery, stunning lakes, and butterflies everywhere. It's almost too pretty to be real, and it smells faintly like the colour green.
We made it to our campsite near Jackson, WY, and set up the tent in record time. In the rain. Like bosses. Eventually, though, we headed out into the wild that is Jackson Hole. It's actually this cute little tourist-trap town. We got some ice cream and wandered around, looking at all the hokey little things. Moose stuff everywhere, which was particularly difficult to stomach.
See, when we went on our unsuccessful moose hunt, we decided that we were using the word too much, and thus jinxing it. If anyone said it, they had to put in a quarter, sort of like a swear jar. A swear jar that never got cashed. For the record, Casey won.
We had dinner in Teton Village, at this great restaurant called the Mangy Moose Reindeer. It's pretty good, but the best part is definitely the atmosphere. Everywhere is just crammed with things. There are flags and movie posters all over the ceiling, moose reindeer heads on the walls, and an airplane hanging over the restaurant. It's actually pretty cool.
On the way back, though, we saw a moose! It was a female, and she was just hanging out in a marshy area, grazing and looking completely bored by the dozens of people taking a picture.
It was beautiful, though, because we could say the word moose again. You never realize just how much you love the word moose until you can't say it...

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